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This Training Manual has been put together by the Recreational Aircraft Association of NZ to assist those who wish to fly these remarkable aircraft and to enjoy the sport safely and with confidence.

Flying any type of aircraft, including the microlight, carries with it critical responsibilities. The pilot is responsible for not only his or her own safety but for the safety of his or her passengers and the public at large. There are also other matters to consider such as avoiding causing nuisance, respect for property and the rights of others. As a potential operator it is necessary to understand and subscribe to these responsibilities so that the reputation of the Association and its many members continues to enjoy the respect of the NZ public and of the international microlight fraternity.

The material contained in this manual was not prepared for the casual reader. It should be read with the intention of learning it and putting it into practice. Knowing what is contained in this document may well save lives.

Microlighting has come a long way in the past fifteen years or so and the publication of this manual is another step towards the goal of safe, relatively cheap flying for those enthusiasts wishing to enjoy what has been described as the most enjoyable way to experience the freedom of flight. I commend it to al microlight pilots and I congratulate the RAANZ on producing it.

Stuart McIntyre CBE, DFC, FRAeS Patron

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