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RAANZ On-Condition life extension program

RAANZ have established an on-condition program to allow aircraft components (currently engines) to operate beyond manufacturer specified calendar life or time in service.

The main requirements for entry into the program are:

  • The engine has a documented maintenance and performance record- its history and operation is proven;
  • The engine undergoes a thorough inspection and review by an approved Authorising Inspection Authority;
  • The Authorising IA specifies the maintenance schedule and performance and wear limits for the engine;
  • The Authorising IA signs the engine into the program using the appropriate OCA form;

The main requirements for remaining in the program are:

  • The engine is maintained according to the specified maintenance schedule;
  • The engine undergoes an annual condition inspection;
  • The engine is shown to be within the specified performance and wear limits;

Documents relating to this program are: