RAANZ online database

Revision: March 28, 2019, at 05:58 PM

This database is for RAANZ members to review and maintain their membership details, and find Instructor, IA, Clubs, Aircraft and other information.

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MEMBERS database (myRAANZ)

Individual access to member records.
Edit facilities to change contact details.
Operational and history data are read only.
Member (read/limited write) access only.

CLUBS database

Club contact, ATO, Instructor and IA details.
Search facilities to find a club.
Open (read) access.


ATO & Instructor details.
Search facilities to find an instructor.
Open (read) access.

IAS database

IA details.
Search facilities to find an IA.
Open (read) access.

AIRCRAFT database

Members can view their own aircraft records through myRAANZ.
Administrator (read/write) access only.

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