RAANZ Online FPV forms

IA use only
This online service is an alternative to using the printed FPV forms- you can use either.

We have upgraded our FPV/flight permit form to better capture the required information.
For those IAs who prefer to fill in forms in the field as they go- no worries- the existing paper based FPVs remain an option.
To use the online forms-

  • If you know the aircraft rego (last 3 characters), enter it in the Aircraft# field below and click Submit.
    • You will be served a FPV form with current aircraft data.
    • Some of these fields are editable (eg address & contact information), others are fixed.
  • If a new aircraft, leave the Aircraft# field blank and click Submit.
    • You will be served a blank FPV form.
  • Each form is served with a unique serial number.
  • You can either fill the form in on your computer then print it out, or print it out and fill in by hand. Filling in on your computer is generally more convenient.
  • Note that both the IA and the owner must sign the form.
  • When all done, print out 2 or 3 copies of the form- one to the owner, one to RAANZ, one retained by the IA.
  • You can optionally email the RAANZ copy back to and save 1 sheet of paper.


This form is in beta test mode- please let RAANZ know if there are any issues or suggestions to improve its usefulness.