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RAANZ Database- privacy policy

  • The RAANZ database contains information provided by RAANZ members, Instructors and Inspection Authorities.
  • This data is provided and held for the primary purpose of recording, issuing and maintaining membership, pilot certificate and aircraft annual inspection status as required by our Part 149 delegation.
  • The data is also a reference for RAANZ Administration to communicate with members.
  • The database in its entirety is to be kept confidential to RAANZ Administration and members of the Executive,
  • The data may not be disclosed to any other party for any other purpose with the exception of the following...
    • Requests from the Civil Aviation Authority for specific pilot certificate or aircraft annual inspection status.
    • Requests from ATOs, Instructors and IAs for specific pilot membership, certificate or aircraft annual inspection status.
    • Requests from members for contact information for Clubs, Instructors, Inspection Authorities.
    • Requests from club officers for member lists including membership and certificate status.
  • Use of the database for any other purpose may only be made with the knowledge and agreement of the RAANZ Executive

Password security

  • New members are assigned a random 10 character password.
  • Forgotten password generates and emails a new 10 character password.
  • Members can also change their password manually or click 'auto' for a random 10 character password.
  • However generated, these passwords are hashed into the database- the plaintext version of the password is not able to be reverse engineered from the hash.

The system also handles transitions from the original plaintext passwords-

  • Members can log in with their existing password.
  • On login that password is hashed and the plaintext copy removed from the database.
  • Members can then either stick with their original password or change as detailed above.
  • Either way, their password is irreversibly hashed and not able to be reverse engineered.

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