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RAANZ online exam service

For printed exam papers click here. << New format

For online exams, click here

The RAANZ online exam service provides a fully online exam, marking, review and notification service- all done at your computer.
Just follow these steps:

  • Pilot candidate logs in with RAANZ number and password (contact RAANZ if forgotten).
  • Instructor logs in with RAANZ number and password (contact RAANZ if forgotten).
  • Select the exam to be taken.
  • Click BEGIN to start the exam.
  • The time bar shows time remaining to complete the exam.
  • The question progress frame shows progress through the questions. The current question has a blue border, answered questions have a grey background.
  • The questions are randomly drawn from the selected question pool.
  • The question, associated image, and mutichoice answers show in the question frame.
  • Click on the appropriate radio button to select the desired answer.
  • Click on the FIRST/PREV/NEXT/LAST buttons to navigate around the questions.
  • When finished answering, click MARK button to see your results.
  • The question progress frame will flag correct (green) and incorrect (red) answers, along with your exam marks and pass/fail result.
  • Click on the FIRST/PREV/NEXT/LAST buttons to review the questions. The correct answer will be shown in green.
  • Click on the DECLARE button to go to the Instructor Declaration page. The instructor must enter her/his RAANZ number and password again to confirm the exam was correctly carried out under their supervision.
  • Click on the SUBMIT button to send the results to RAANZ.
  • Finally, click on the HOME button to go back to the start ready for the next exam.
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