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Implementing SMS in your club

This page is a draft, not yet approved RAANZ policy.
SMS is simply about identifying and mitigating risks before they happen.
Nothing special, just common sense stuff.

Risks can be classified by their probability and severity.

Probability High Low
Severity High these first then these
Low maybe later don't worry

Identify those most likely to bite (probability) and those most likely to hurt (severity), and focus on ways to prevent the important ones.
For the big things, think about what you can do to reduce the probability of them happening, and what you will do if they happen.
It is really that simple.
Get your club members together to discuss and decide.
Above all, keep it simple so it is understood and used.

RAANZ Club SMS template

The following are suggested but NOT mandatory items to consider for a club level SMS.
We recommend you identify and implement those elements that are relevant to your club.

Our club officers

  • We have a nominated Safety Officer responsible for overseeing safety of our air and ground operations.
  • We have a nominated ATO to assist with instructor renewals, training standards and issues.
  • We have nominated Instructors approved for instructing and flight testing in our aircraft.
  • We have a nominated IA to advise on maintenance and perform the annual checks on our aircraft.
  • We have a nominated Maintenance Officer responsible for managing the routine and incidental maintenance of our aircraft.

Our ground operations

  • We have a fuel management procedure to ensure safe and sterile fuel storage, mixing and delivery.
  • We have procedures to ensure safe separation between visitors and aircraft operations.
  • We have first aid facilities in case of injury.
  • We have recommended taxiing, refuelling and tie-down procedures for our field.

Our aircraft

  • We have a Maintenance Calendar/Defects noticeboard for pilots to flag aircraft serviceability issues and showing when next routine maintenance is due.
  • We have a Daily Checks reminder for pilots
  • We have a Pilot Cheat Sheet with recommended operating conditions, speeds, etc for our aircraft.

Our pilots

  • We have a Pilot Training Record system to track pilot training progress, ratings and approved flight operations.
  • Our pilots know when their BFRs and medicals are due for renewal.

Our flight operations

  • We have recommended joining, circuit and departure procedures for our field.
  • We have recommended EFATO procedures and emergency landing spots identified for our field.
  • We have air/ground communication facilities for use in in case of emergency and assistance.
  • We have flight planning facilities to allow pilots to access current weather/NOTAM/other flight planning information.

Our club

  • Our pilots know and use the above procedures and facilities.
  • These procedures and facilities are reviewed on a regular and as-needed basis.
  • We encourage an open culture where pilots report and discuss any safety concerns within the club and share with the wider aviation community via Incident and Defect Reports.
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