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Permit Validation

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Aircraft Details
AIRCRAFT Mfr Cert std
ZK- Model Serial no.
Total hrs Last 12mths
ENGINE Mfr Serial no
Total hrs SMOH
PROPELLOR Mfr Serial no
No. blades Pitch/dia
ROTOR Mfr Serial no
Total hrs Diameter
Owner's Regulatory Compliance Declaration
I CERIFY THAT I have disclosed all repairs, alterations or modifications
to this aircraft since its last inspection that could affect its airworthiness
or invalidate the aircraft Type Cerftificate. I have complied with all
mandatory Service Bulletins and Safety Directives issued for the
aircraft, engine, propellor or rotor system. I confirm that aircraft
complies with the following CAA of NZ rules.
47.51 Aircraft Registration
47.101-117 Aircraft Markings
47.119 Identification Plate
91.605 Transponder/ELT/PLB
91.616-623 Maint. Records
103.107 Placards
103.2 Flight Permit
103.221 Instrument & Equip
I ACCEPT full responsibility for the airworthiness of this aircraft.
Aircraft Annual Condition Inspection
The contents of this inspection conforms to CAR 103.217(c). Inspectors are to mark each box on
completion either SAT or U/S. To conduct an annual inspection first remove or open all necessary
inspection panels, fairings and cowlings. The engine and aircraft shall be clean, and the following
components shall be inspected (where applicable).
Fuselage and Hull group
Fabric & Skin- deterioration, distortion, failure, insecure
Systems & Components- installation, operation, defects
Cabin & Cockpit group
General- uncleanliness, loose equipment
Seats and Belts- poor condition, apparent defects
Windows and Windshield- deterioration and breakage
Instruments- poor condition, mounting, marking, operation
Flight & Engine controls- condition, operation, binding
Batteries- improper installation and charge
Ventilation- leaks, loose fittings, venting, CO2 detector expiry
All systems- condition, defects, insecure installation
Engine & Nacelle group
Engine bay- oil or fuel leaks
Studs & nuts- improper torquing, obvious defects
Internal engine- compression, screens & sump plug debris
Big end bearing check- F R
Engine mounts- cracks, loose mount or engine
Exhaust system- cracks, leaks, cockpit ingress
Vibration dampers-poor condition, deterioration
Engine controls- defects, travel, lockwiring
Lines, hoses, clamps- cracks, defects, attachment
Accessories- apparent defects, insecure mounting
All systems- installation, condition, defects, attachment
Cowling- cracks or defects
Landing Gear group
All units- poor condition, insecure attachment
Shock absorbers- deterioration
Linkages, trusses, members- wear, fatigue, distortion
Retracts- improper operation, binding, travel
Hydraulic lines- leakage
Wheels- cracks, defects, bearings condition
Tyres- wear, cuts
Brakes- improper adjustment
Floats & Skis- insecure attachment, apparent defects
Wings & Centre Section assembly
All Components & Systems- condition, fabric/skin deterioration, distortion,, failure, insecure, operation
Propellor & Rotor group
Propellor/rotor assembly- cracks, nicks, binding
Bolts- improper torquing, safety wiring
Control mechanism- operation, mounting, travel
Radio & Avionics group
Radio & electric equipment- installation, mounting
Wiring & conduits- routing, mounting, defects
Bonding & shielding- improper installation, poor condition
Antennae- poor condition, insecure mounting, improper operation
Items not otherwise covered- installation and operation
Fabric Test
Fabric- punch/tear test- Pressure
Inspected & Airworthy Date
I CERTIFY THAT... I have carried out an annual inspection of this aircraft to the best of my knowledge and experience
and the information contained herein and supplied by the person presenting the aircraft for inspecton. I have reminded
the owner it is the absolute and final responsibility of the PILOT IN COMMAND to assess the airworthiness of the aircraft
prior to every flight. Neither the Aircraft Inspector nor RAANZ accept any responsibiity on any grounds whatsoever to any
person for any act, omission or error in the inspection of this aircraft, the revalidation of the flight permit or the continued
airworthines of the aircraft subsequent to the inspection.
IA name RAANZ no. RAANZ p/word.
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