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Reason for issue. TT (all types)
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Upgrade to Int/Adv- exams passed?
Current medical? Expiry Upgrade to Adv/Nat- x/c & FRTO?
Flight Certificate
A- weight shift control Passenger rating
B- 2-3 axis control Tow rating
G- gyrocraft Water rating
H- helicopter Test pilot rating
P- powered chute New card required
New pilots- fill in all applicable fields, ensure payment and FPP sent to RAANZ
RAANZ pilots- Name and RAANZ number plus any changed data
Direct credit payments to 01 0321 0107714 00 including name or number
Credit card at www.paymate.com & pay to office@raanz.org.nz including name or number
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Flight Test Assessment
A: Excellent. Standards achieved consistently, accurately and confidently
B: Competent.Standards achieved sufficiently, adequately and safely
C: Not yet competent. Unable to meet all standards
Manouvers to be executed within +/- 100 feet, +/- 10 degrees, +/- 5kts of nominated as appropriate
General Knowledge Instructor flight test
CAA rules, RAANZ P&P manual Briefing & communication skills
Aircraft documents & logbooks Use of GAP Instructor Guide
Aeronautical charts, AIP, VFG Appreciation of low inertia
Airspace knowledge Instructor Seminar participation
Radio & Transponder use
NOTAMS & weather briefings Gyrocraft
Flight plans, SARTIME, ELT/PLB PIO recognition & recovery
Aircraft loading (MAUW & CoG) Operation behind power curve
Piloting technique Minimum speed level flight
Preflight inspection and fueling
Aircraft ground handling Powered chutes
Cockpit checks Riser failure
Engine & Throttle handling Non-inflation at takeoff
Climbout & Approach Canopy collapse
Medium & Steep turns
Circuits & Overshoot Human Factors
Engine failure & emergency drills Judgement
Stalls- with/without power/flaps Attitude
Landings- normal, x/wind, short
Glide approach & forced landing Specific Flight characteristics
Traffic awareness & lookout Spins- cause & recovery
Airmanship Turbulence/rotor awareness
Flight test completed and passed
Next flight test due

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